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Zion Delicacy offers you the best African foods and delicacy...

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Think of where to enroll your kids while going to work? Visit Mamacares , at Mamacares we are up to the task...

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Welcome to Zion Food Delicacy

Zion food brings with it the culinary experience and life of Lagos Nigeria. Zion food delicacy is  a subsidiary of Mamacares limited , Born in the city of London in 2007 Preparing dishes from the diverse culture of Nigeria, known for private catering and the distribution of prepacked Nigerian food to busy families who have little or no time to cook, supermarkets, home and foreign African university students studying in the United Kingdom.  

Amazing Variety Of African Dishes

African Dishes Collection

Varities of Dishes & Desert


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100% Tasty &Unique

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Visit our food menu, to get the best African swallow with matching soup

Rice Varieties

When it comes to rice, Zion food delicacy provides the best dishes, from white, to fried, jollof, etc...

Classic Soup Dishes

We have varieties of soups and dessert , Our stew and Vegetable soup top notch


The entire family enjoy Zion Foods. There’s a variety of dishes to choose from….Our most popular dish is the jollof rice. The food is very tasty and well presented at affordable prices.

Sola Awosola

I ate Zion Food at a party and my taste bud has never appreciated any other party food. One of the best decisions I took on the day I was served Zion Food was accepting it. It is finger-licking and Oliver-twistingly delicious. I was tempted to taste other delicacies on the menu. The more you eat, the more you want. I recommend their services to anyone who truly wish to give the best meal to guests at any event.

Henry Olovba (Essex-UK)

Zion’s food is simply delicious and affordable! It’s like taking my kitchen to London with me.

Kenny Odus

Our family can say for certain that what stands out about Zion food is the clean and hygienic environment they cook their extremely tasty food.
Their catering service is next to none as they cater for individuals, parties and events. They also do pastries, meat pies, scotch eggs etc.
Our favourite order is the rich and tasty rice dishes and delicious Eforiro (vegetable), and outstanding Mouth watering Asaro (Porridge). We also love their crunchy chin chin and tasty pepper soups. Talking about their food is not as real as tasting them so why don’t you go ahead and order yours and you can thank us for the recommendations later. Their service must not be ignored.

The Salami’s

Searching for African food? Shop at Zion food delicacy!


Get the taste of home while staying far away has now been easy with Zion food delicacy . We provide  dishes from Rice, Swallow, Beans, Side , Vegetable soup, Draw soup and stew… We services Individual , Student, Stores , Families and corporate Bodies are not left out. We also engaged in cooking for Events and private parties, rentals etc. Visit our Online store & shop to view all our Dishes and services

Our dishes


Visit our store and get in touch with us, we offer varieties of dishes, soup, stew, snacks, etc.. You can also connect with us via our social media platform to get more information about our foods. We also render services to stores , organization and Private parties. chat with us by clicking on the WhatsApp button for fast and instant order. 

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